SOLMAX LLDPE & HDPE geomembranes


Solmax offers 30 years experience in the geomembrane sector. Solmax’s reputation is based on its expertise in the installation of geosynthetic products, its excellence in manufacturing based on state-of-the-art knowledge of raw materials and equipment as well as the company’s management policies: Solmax does not compromise on quality. The systems are rigorous and accurate. Traceability is specific and documented from the resin right down to the site itself. The company’s communication is transparent and its partners, whether they are end clients or specialized installers, know that someone is present to back them up at all times.

With its 30 years experience, Solmax offers references that inspire confidence. Rules and regulations on the environment are becoming ever stricter. Solmax has collaborated with the biggest names in the waste, mining and water sector. Contacting Solmax means having access to technical information based on hundreds of already implemented projects.


White Reflective Prime Finish

Intimate contact is crucial for any containment system. Solmax’s White Reflective Prime Finish reduces the effects of waves and wrinkles and allows for a longer operating window during installation. Solmax’s White Reflective Prime Finish decreases leakage rates caused by poor installation conditions, improves slope stability by eliminating bridging at the toes, reduces desiccation due to the infiltration of liquids into the compacted clay liner or the geosynthetic clay liner and improves the impermeability of the containment system.

White Reflective Prime Finish

As seen in the table below, Solmax’s White Reflective Prime Finish can help reduce wave heights and help comply with the strictest installation specifications.

HDPE GMB Liner C (X 10-5 / °F) ΔT (°F) L (in) ΔL (in) δ ΔL (in)
Black 8.0 153 - 77 = 76 3.9 x 103 24.0 -
White 8.0 109 - 63 = 46 3.9 x 103 14.5 - 9.5

Durability of White Reflective Geomembranes

In Solmax’s White Reflective Prime Finish, which is the top skin of three co-extruded layers, the carbon black is replaced by UV packaged Titanium dioxide (TiO2). TiO2 is a very common white pigment used for a variety of products. By using this pigment, Solmax is able to achieve a very pure white for its liner, allowing for maximum reflection of the sunlight and reducing the temperature of the geomembrane. Studies (Peggs & Al, 1993) have shown that due to their cooler temperature, white surfaced geomembranes’ contraction and expansion is reduced by up to 40%. This reduction in temperature leads to a reduced impact of heat degradation which means a lowered rate of loss of antioxidants and a prolonged service life.

HP-OIT Retained after 1600 hours of UV exposure

Geomembrane temperature variation at ambient temperatures from 15 (59) to 30 (86) ° C (F)

Field Quality Assurance

Besides having lower surface temperatures, Solmax’s White Reflective Prime Finish allows the visual detection of pre or post-installation damage. The color contrast of black and white means that any damage greater than the thickness of the white layer is easily seen.

Conductive Prime Finish

Solmax Conductive Prime Finish is an electrically conductive geomembrane that once installed can be rigorously spark-tested for ruptures and leaks. Incorporating electrically reactive carbon black and the highest quality HDPE & LLDPE resins, Solmax Conductive Prime Finish is a product whose specifications meets and exceeds the international GRI-GM standards and can be spark-tested on its entire installed surface (as per ASTM D7240). Using a conductive pad linked to a portable holiday detector, electrical induction to the Solmax Conductive Liner is performed to charge the undersurface of the liner. An operator can then sweep the exposed layer of the liner for leaks using a brass brush or conductive wand. As soon as a leak is detected, an alarm will be heard and a visible spark will be seen, therefore instantly guiding the operator to where a repair or patch must be done.

Conductive Prime Finish

The Solmax Conductive Prime Finish is available in both smooth and single textured HDPE and LLDPE and can be manufactured in black, color or in the Premium HD product line.