CCR Disposal Units Final Cover


In the event that a final cover is used to close a CCR disposal area, the CAPP Cover System will meet or exceed the EPA requirements and reduce the construction costs when compared to other similar solutions.

The CAPP Cover System is available in a Standard format for typical cover systems or in its Premium format for the more design challenging solutions.

CCR  Disposal Units Final Cover
CAPP Cover Systems Standard Premium
1 Drainage Geocomposite Draintube ST2 D25
  • θ100 ≥ 4X10-3 m2/s at i=0.02(1)
  • RFcr=1.0; RFin=1.0
Draintube ST4 D25
  • θ100 ≥ 8X10-3 m2/s at i=0.02(1)
  • RFcr=1.0; RFin=1.0
2 Geomembrane Solmax Standard LLDPE ≥ 40 mils
  • Textured for enhanced friction angles
Solmax Premium LLDPE ≥ 40 mils
  • White Reflective Prime Finish
  • Textured for enhanced friction angles
3 Geocomposite Clay Liner Bentofix ECOCOAL – CCR
  • Thermally Locked
  • Low Bulk Void Ratio GCL
Bentofix SRNW – CCR
  • High Peel Strength ≥ 50 lbs/in
  • Thermally Locked Scrim-Reinforced GCL

(1) ASTM D4716 / GRI GC8 transmissivity test under 10,000 psf at 100 hrs, sealed sand/geocomposite/geomembrane/sealed sand



Thanks to its embedded mini-pipes in the flow direction, even if the slope is equal to zero, Draintube enhanced flow drainage geocomposite enables rainfall to evacuate at a higher rate than a homogeneous drainage layer. The product also protects the liner system against puncture from the overlying soil layer and offers a higher elongation than other drainage geocomposites.

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As differential settlement over time is one of the main concerns for any CCR cover designer, for the Premium CAPP Cover System, Solmax Premium LLDPE geomembranes offer the best multi-axial deformation of any LLDPE geomembrane available on the market. While the industry recognized, standard specification for LLDPE geomembranes, the GRI GM-17, requires typical LLDPE geomembranes to have a multi-axial deformation of at least 30%, Solmax’s Premium LLDPE geomembranes offer a multi-axial deformation greater than 90%.

The White Reflective Prime Finish available on all Premium CAPP Cover Systems reduces the effects of heat on the liner, such as wrinkles, shorter life span and weldability issues, making it easier to install, insures a better quality control, a much better hydraulic barrier and when exposed, assures a longer lifespan of the material.

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The Bentofix CCR Thermal Lock GCLs are made of made of polymer-enhanced natural sodium bentonite clay. The proprietary heat treating process – the Thermal Lock process – permanently lock the needle-punched fibers into place. Properties of this process include increased internal shear resistance, long term creep resistance, and a much lower bulk void ratio. The bottom layer of Bentofix SRNW – CCR is a scrim reinforced nonwoven geotextile that avoid internal erosion and shrinkage issues.

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Thanks to the mechanical behavior of all their components and its unique directional drainage geocomposite, the CAPP Cover System will remain efficient, even if differential settlements. The three components of the CAPP Cover System, the Draintube, Solmax LLDPE or Premium LLDPE geomembranes and the Bentofix GCL, will stay in direct and uniform contact, as required by the EPA.